This December we will be having Mince Meat Pie with Rum Sauce and also our Holiday Mint Cream Pie.

Mince Meat Pie is an “old fashioned” pie filled with raisins, apples, delicious spices with a hint of citrus all baked in our homemade pie crust and served with warm rum sauce! We don’t put meat in our mice meat pie but back in the day it was made with beef brisket. This was known as a harvest pie, where one would use the end of the seasons fruits in a pie. The rum was typically made right in the pie which would help keep the pie preserved.

Holiday Mint Cream Pie is one of the favorites around this time of year.  Its light and minty in a graham cracker crust with a layer of fudgy mint  on the bottom.  This pie is sure to bring the holiday cheer in your home!